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Writers Of The Week! (11/6)

The PCLS Curriculum Department/Teaching and Learning Team developed the W-o-W! Program to recognize the hard work and creativity of PCLS students.
In an effort to help build a community of writers, the team encourages schools to display the W-o-W’s work and asks teachers to use the W-o-W’s work as part of their writing instruction.
Congratulations to Harvey High School students, Jose Albelo and Reyna Lemus, who were selected as this week's PCLS W-o-W! (Writers-of-the-Week.)
Each student was presented with a certificate of achievement and allowed to choose a prize from the Writer’s Toolbox. Their teacher, Mrs. Samantha Schatz, submitted their speech because “Both of these students worked together to create a speech in favor of Napoleon and his opposition to the windmill in the book Animal Farm. They used different persuasive techniques and Jose presented the speech in the style of the animal from the story. They both worked very hard to make their speech convincing while also including the required elements and details from the book.”
Jose and Reyna will be invited to read their persuasive speech at an upcoming Board of Education meeting.
You can read their persuasive speech below.